August Goals

This year, I’ve been using a planner to keep track of my life.  I started the year with the Commit30, but after a disasterous Diet Coke accident at the Women’s March, I swapped to a Volt Planner. It’s been really useful to help me map out my goals and progress, if not helpful because I’ve developed a washi tape addiction. 

Anyway, the planner makes you determine your goals at the start of each month and sort of serves as a good way to look back at what you’ve accomplished, so I figured I’d share my writing-related goals with you all for additional accountability. 

August Goals

  • Outline and complete a draft of comedy pilot.
  • Revise hour-long procedural pilot.
  • Participate actively in class and turn in all homework assignments on time.
  • Sign up for improv.
  • Write everyday for 30 minutes.
  • Read at least one book on screenwriting instead of allowing them to collect dust on my bookshelf.

So, yeah. The comedy pilot is something I came up with in early July, and I can’t seem to get out of my head. I broke the A/B/C stories, know the major beats, I just need to hunker down and do the work.  

The procedural pilot was something I did in June/July and have notes on but I like to give time between drafts, so August makes sense as a time to revise it. 

The class comment is because I’m in a certificate program at UCLA extension.  I do better in a classroom setting, so, this is my way of ensuring continued progress and work.  Improv is also class-based and something that has been recommended to me by a few folks, but tbh it scares me.  Oh well, gotta get out of that comfort zone. 

Writing for at least 30 min a day is always a goal. Sometimes I hit it, sometimes I don’t. But I like to keep it there to maintain the habit.  And the books, well, I buy things on a whim and then never read them, so it’s time to move past that. 

I’ll try to provide weekly updates on progress etc. If that gets annoying or too cumbersome maybe I’ll transition to mid-month and end-month updates. 

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